My 3 Go-To Apps

Whether you work in marketing, sales, teaching, finance – everyone uses apps on their phone. We all have different ones we use, some more frequently than others. I’m going to pick my top 3 apps, tell you why I love it, and why you should also.

Social media is EVERYWHERE! We already know this, but can you believe at one point in time it wasn’t even a thought that passed through our brains? I remember logging onto Xanga in 2005 and writing blogs. No one cared, no one saw, no one even knew. Then I moved to MySpace. Then Facebook. Then Instagram. Then Twitter. I love it all. I love social media (suppose that’s why I write social media posts for a living).

My Personal Feed

My favorite social media app (drumroll please): INSTAGRAM!

This should be a given, right? Wrong! I actually was really weird about using Instagram for a while. I used to post a photo every day! I had like 300 something photos at one point of high school, college, Disney, everything and then I stopped. I went through a break-up and deleted my life. Every photo had a memory attached to it that I didn’t want anymore. So, if you ever notice the dates on my Instagram photos they’re far and few between. I’m trying to be better – really – but I still struggle with committing to sharing, what should be, a simple photo.

What if it doesn’t get enough likes?

What if it seems desperate?

Is it cool enough?

Am I influencer worthy?

The answer to this question: it doesn’t matter. Writing this blog has opened me up to a whole new level of “I don’t care what people think of me”. I want to sometimes – trust me! I want to be as influential as Erin Condren and sweet as Rachel Hollis. I want to be as pretty as Bri Jackson and bad ass as Sophie Hannah.

The thing is, I’m not. I’m my own person. I have my own style, content, and creativity. Instagram is a great platform to explore ideas, spark connection, and lift each other up. Use wisely, friends.

Now what makes a good Insta post? The photo, duh! However, we can’t just post any old plain jane pic, right? They have to have the look.

Here’s where my go-to photo editor comes in: VSCO.

Toaster filter featuring my babygirl, Elly.

I love this app because the filters don’t take over the ENTIRE picture. What I’m talking about is… remember when Instagram first went live and we all thought we were Lana Del Rey because we used the Toaster filter.

VSCO is crisp, clean, and you can (like with most editors) adjust what you want to create that perfect photo. There’s tons of filters you can purchase to broaden your collection.

I suggest sticking with one filter so that your Insta looks uniformed and you look like you have some idea of what you’re doing. I’m still working on this. It’s hard to do when you have a photo from 2015 and can’t really change the way things are, but onward and upward, right?

Okay, but what about Instagram stories? Let me tell you I never knew I needed an app for this until I found it: Unfold.

Create BEAUTIFUL, EYE-CATCHING, AMAZING stories with this app. They stick out against the stories that everyone posts. They’re different, pretty, and have amazing aesthetic. Highly suggest using this if you’re looking into becoming an influencer or blogger.

Of course, I have other apps I use daily and switch between, but these 3 I think are the most fun. Instgram is a huge networking site and I would’ve never had the courage to start this blog if it weren’t for it. VSCO is full of beautiful images that talented people all over the world share with one another. Unfold has given me a leg-up to creating my personal aesthetic to my Instagram.

I love Twitter and I wouldn’t even have a job if it weren’t for Facebook, but I definitely don’t spend as much time on them as I do the other 3 apps. A runner-up for photo editor is… the camera on my iPhone! The filters they have are my fave. I always use “cool” or “dramatic cool” because it really makes my eyes pop! I haven’t found another app that makes stories like Unfold does. They’re probably out there, but I’m happy with what I have.

There you have it! What are your go-to apps? Are they financial, social, travel? Let me know! To end this blog, here are some old Instagram posts. You’ll notice there isn’t a 2013 and that is because did not have any social media during that time! Enjoy.