“What Happens on Campus Stays on Youtube” by Eric Qualman Chapter Review

What happens on campus stays on Youtube written by Erik Qualman, also author of Socialnomics. I’m only reviewing the first two chapters, but there are all these helpful hints and tips on how to manage your social media, so I suggest you get you’re copy here. This book can be very helpful when it comes to knowledge about LinkedIn, security and privacy, and many other tips to help navigate your way through the ins-and-outs of media. 

Not only is Qualman an excellent writer, he is also a professional keynote speaker and delivers around 50 speeches a year. According to the almighty Wikipedia, he has spoken for: IBM, Book Expo America, UGG, Facebook, Google, Starbucks and many others. Qualman is also the second most likable author, right behind J.K. Rowling. He plays off of his quirky last name, Qualman, to create his twitter handle @equalman and logo, the super man box with a “=“ sign in the middle. His signature green glasses also help him stand out amongst the crowd.

There are plenty of tips throughout the book, but I really related to tip number 16: The Three Second Rule.

“If you have to think for more than three seconds about whether something is appropriate – it’s not!”

What Happens on Campus Stays on Youtube

I might be obsessed with this quote.

I word vomit. A lot. I speak even before my brain even realizes my mouth is open. Reading this tip really opened my eyes to think about what I want to say before I say it.

In the second chapter of, What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube Qualman shares different stories of people who have become heroes through social media and those who have become villains.

One story in particular really stuck out to me.

It was about a man who was drinking and driving and ended up killing someone in a car wreck. He’s in deep trouble, but his lawyers are telling him to lie about the entire incident. Lie about drinking and how it was just an accident. This man took to YouTube and created a video of himself telling the truth and exposing his lawyers.

Even though he ended up paying for his mistakes, he did it honestly and with integrity and used social media to share those qualities. He became a hero to those scared to admit their mistakes.

I hope you order your copy of What Happens on Campus Stays on Youtube and find some tips or tricks that can help you with your social media game.

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