10 Things I’m Grateful For

Gratitude is so overlooked. A simple “thank-you” goes a long way.

My Parents

Disney World 2016

They have always given me whatever I needed to thrive. From my degree, to my college apartment, helping me move state to state, and live rent-free – they are so gracious.

My parents have so much grace for me.. like tons and tons and tons and tons. No matter how many times I seem to screw something up, they’re always there for me. We don’t always see eye-to-eye or have the same political views, but it doesn’t stop us from being family and having respect for each other.

Thanks, mom & dad.


Bear with me, please. Elly is the first living thing I have ever taken care of. I’ve had lots of pets growing up from cats and dogs to cows and raccoons, but Elly is the first pet that’s ever been mine. Elly taught me the value of taking care of something other than myself like buying her special food, medicine, and make sure she has a good quality of life.

Thanks, Elly-bean.


I never appreciated Amarillo or what it offered me until I lived in Oklahoma. If you hate your small town/state I suggest moving anywhere in Oklahoma and gaining some appreciation for your roots.

I hated Amarillo growing up.

“There’s nothing to do here” . . . “Everyone sucks” . . . “It’s too small”

All of these statements and more came out of my mouth more than once. And although I don’t plan on living here for the rest of my life, I do appreciate it more. I have a great job, met some great people, and grew up a bit. I would’ve never done that if I were anywhere else.

Amarillo is home, and I’m grateful to have a good one.

The Worst Job I Ever Had

Let me tell you something: everyone needs a crappy job at least once.

I was luckily enough to have two, but I’ll just tell you about one today.

When I moved back from Oklahoma to Amarillo I received a “marketing” job at a local, private restaurant. When I put marketing in quotes – I mean it. I was ordering the food for the kitchen, even though I’ve never worked in a kitchen, and then would get angry with me when things weren’t ordered right. I had a boss who once asked me if my Steve Madden flats were my house shoes. This person had made me dye my hair which is why it all fell out 4 weeks later from the damage. This person sent out a passive-aggressive email aimed towards me to the whole staff asking when we take personal days we need to make them up on the weekends and after 5 pm (this a day after I had taken the morning to go to a funeral). Should I go on?

I wrote a 3 page email about all the terrible ways he treated me and the rest of the women in our office (he hated women) and sent it to the board. I never had quite a job before without a back-up, but this was for my own good.

However, I am grateful for this job because now I know exactly what to look for when I applied to new ones. I know not to accept a job that doesn’t have a title or a set guideline of tasks. I know not to accept a job that I don’t feel quite right about the manager or owner. I know not to accept a job that all the rest of the staff hate and voice that opinion frequently!

So thank you undisclosed restaurant manager, you still suck.


When I met Jesse 2 years ago I had no idea where our journey would take us, but it took us far. We went to Australia, Tulsa, Santa Fe, San Antonio, Dallas, Disney World – every where! We fought through hard, trying times and celebrated during loving, amazing times. I’ve never been in a relationship that was so raw and so real until this one. I’ve never relied more heavily on someone else to carry me through bouts of anxiety and depression. I never thought I would have to carry someone through parenthood and struggles of their own. We did it together.

Unfortunately, a lot of the things we did together lead to our demise. I’m grateful for this relationship for showing me the harsh reality of how toxicity can be masked by love letters, flowers, kisses, beautiful vacations, and a bunch of empty promises.

Cinderella’s Castle

Although I love Disney World as a whole, there’s something special about Cindy’s castle. I could sit on that front lawn or stand in the middle of Main Street U.S.A. and stare at that big, beautiful building all day. Every time, and I’m not kidding, I have to choke back tears because it makes me so happy. Maybe it brings me back to my childhood or maybe it’s just really pretty, but either way I love it.

Thank you, Walt Disney, for building such an amazing landmark.

Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta was an interesting time in my life. I was figuring out my style, my voice, my friends, and my love life all while planning bid days, socials, and meetings.

I figured out I was a leader, not a follower, and I could command a room. Without Zeta I would’ve sat in my dorm for the rest of my four years watching One Tree Hill on a loop.

I met my first boyfriend (yes, ever) through Zeta. I gained a group of girlfriends that I absolutely adore. I lost some battles at Judicial Boards and probably drank a little too much, but it was all totally worth it.

Thank you, Zeta, for giving me so many life experiences.


My best friend, my monkey. Jordynn and I met in the 4th grade but we didn’t become friends until the 5th grade. Why? Because she liked Hilary Duff and I didn’t so therefore we had to be mortal enemies. Obviously.

We went through middle school, high school, and college together. We were actually roommates our first semester! There are so many wonderful, funny, weird memories with this gal that I could really write a whole novel about (mental note to write a book about my best friend).

When Jordynn’s dad passed away, her and I hadn’t spoken for about 9 months (whole other story), but just a simple “I’m thinking of you” was all that was needed. When my niece was stillborn, Jordynn did the same thing back to me and we finally began to talk again and been inseparable since.

She’s moved to Seattle twice now and I’ve been to Florida and Oklahoma. We keep in touch about twice a week and it’s always such a rich, funny conversation. She’s a genuine friend that literally only come once in a lifetime.

Thank you, Jordynn, for giving me a true friendship.

Miley Cyrus

Don’t stop reading, please! Hear me out! I’ve been a Miley fan like since before Hannah Montana. Like when she was born I probably had a foam finger on that said, “Miley #1” and I wasn’t even a fart in the wind yet.

She does crazy things, yes. She does illegal things sometimes, yes. She gets a little sexual, yes. I know all these things, you don’t have to preach to me, but I don’t care. I literally don’t. I’m a fan and I always will be.

Miley’s music got me through some pretty weird times in my life. My freshman year of college was pretty bleak, but she knew that I think so she dropped the song of my generation, “We Can’t Stop”. When I moved to Florida I was really figuring myself out for the first time and I copied a lot of her style and made it my own. She released Miley and Her Dead Petz and I played it on repeat as I would get lost in the Floridian swamplands.

She’s my girl, and you can’t say anything that will make me think otherwise!

Thank you, Miley, for always being true to yourself and teaching me to be the same way. Also thank you for being an advocate for Happy Hippies Foundation.


If you’re reading this blog that means you’re supporting me and I am so, so, so freakin’ grateful for that. This isn’t easy, you know? Putting my whole life on the Internet for everyone to read, but I feel like it’s important.

Thank you for taking the time to support me and I encourage you to share with your friends. I hope my writing has helped you not feel so alone in your mental health journey’s or helped you find someone you can relate to that isn’t so glamorous.

I want to help people and that’s what A Marley Party is all about.

So, thank you, Reader, you’re #1.